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Design Support Services

Copymat Westwood | Design Support Services

The right images and layout can make a huge difference in how well your printed communications are received and read. The challenge of having your marketing and promotional materials stand out is a very real issue. You want your recipients to duplicate your message and take some action.

Our graphic designer can assist you with developing the “right look” to accomplish optimal receipt of your message.

This can entail some consultation to understand the drivers of your business.   With that as a background, as a starting point, we can suggest some layout and design options, including sharing with you samples of other themes. With your feedback, the right direction and goals can be carved out.

From there, some preliminary designs can be created and the process can be moved to the final design for print production.

While we can help you create your theme and layouts, many of our clients already have design expertise and provide files that are generally “print ready”. 

We continuously update our software so that we always have the most current versions of the Adobe suite and are thus able to work with your files most optimally.

With your provided files, we always check and “pre flight” files when we receive them, to see if any corrections are needed. This is an important step to take as early on in the print production cycle, as it allows for time that may be needed to get corrections made.

We can also edit your files as needed (in consultation with you) when there are corrections and adjustments needed.

Lean on our graphic design expertise to help develop your ideas from concept to a professionally designed layout that is ready to print, plus insure that what you have created gets printed correctly and efficiently.