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Fine Art and Giclee Prints

Copymat Westwood | Fine Art

• Authentic giclée prints 
• Many stock options (vellum, cold press, canvas & more)
• Extremely high-quality (up to 2800 dpi)
• Many size options (9×12, 11×14, 16×20, 18 x 24 & more)
• State-of-the-art ink. Vibrant colors! 
• Fast turnarounds

Giclée is French for “nozzle” and is commonly used as a term for a specific type of printing process. The process involves printing an image utilizing archival inks onto archival paper. Archival defines that the image will maintain its quality for up to 100 years. Jack Duggane, a printmaker at Nash Editions in Southern California, coined the term “giclée print” in 1991.

He had developed a new process for fine art printing that was being done on a modified inkjet printer. Inkjet printing was viewed as a subpar process for printing art quality reproductions at that time. He needed a term that took away the negative connotation of inkjet printing.

Giclée is generally used in the art world to describe a copy /print of an original artwork, photograph or illustration. Artists, illustrators, photographers who are looking to reproduce their work at the highest quality possible and still be cost effective are the largest segment of clients. Giclée printing allows the artist to reproduce their work and offer it at an affordable price. Unlike screen-printing, which requires mixing inks, creating screens, producing minimums and can take weeks, we can produce a high quality print in a matter of hours with no minimum.

Stop by our store in Burbank or give us a call! We’d love to hear about your projects.