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Holiday and Special Occasions Printing

Copymat Westwood | Holiday and Special Occasions

Custom Greeting Cards

We can print custom greeting cards on a wide variety of stocks. Customizing the size is no problem, plus there are many other options:   Full color inside and out; flat cards; scored and folded cards.

We can take photos of your choice and help create the layout to include those.

Envelope printing is also available, including colored images, if you want to “decorate” your envelope.

We can also take your prepared address list and print those recipient addresses right on to the individual envelopes.

Depending on what you need, turnaround time can be the same day, or we may need a couple of days to complete the project.

Consult with us regarding any options you may have in mind.

Copymat Westwood | Custom Calendars

Custom Calendars

Full twelve month custom flip chart calendars make great gifts.

If you have children and want to delight the grandparents with images of the kids throughout the year, you can create a calendar with a different photo they can admire for each month of the year.

Of course, we can customize with any images you may have in mind, for business, family or other themes.

Adding in information for specific dates, such as birthdays, can also be done.

While full flip chart calendars are very popular,  single sheet/poster style calendars are also available, where you have one image at the top and the full year displayed on one panel.

Quantity discounts are available.

Holidays Throughout the Year

While the end of the year is the time for most greeting and calendar card printing, you might have a special event or holiday for which a customized printing project is appropriate. This might include a picture for framing for Mothers Day or Fathers Day, or a poster or invitations for a birthday or other special event.

Maybe you are planning a Halloween party and need some printed props, or have some other special event. We are happy to customize our print services to help you make it all come together.