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Headshots Packages
We offer many different templates and layouts to choose from. We can create custom designs as well. We can offer light touch-up and file correction. We offer competitive and easy to understand pricing. Please contact us for more information.
Custom Props
We can create just about any print-related prop. We have produced everything including luggage tags, bottle labels, magazines, stationery, backgrounds, newspapers, customized "files and paperwork" used directly on screen, etc.

If you need something, just ask. We can usually come up with a way to make what you need.
Wrap Books
Ask us to help you package and put together your wrap book to memorialize the show or film. If you know exactly the look you want, we will duplicate that per your specs.

If you would like to consider some options to customize it and achieve the best effect possible, we can help you with that.
Hold tags and Pick Up Envelopes
Hold tags and pick up envelopes are intricate items for set designers and set decorators. Set pieces such as furniture are basically “borrowed” from prop houses by film and TV productions. A set decorator will determine what items they need for a particular set and they will use hold tags to literally “mark” those items they need. Hold tags generally have the set decorator’s name and contact phone number. Some productions will have the buyer’s information as well as the leadman’s information. We can print hold tags in a variety of styles, colors and formats. Most productions use a postcard size tag printed on a colored cardstock. Some productions utilize a carbonless form so they will have a consistent record of all items used.

Envelopes are used by the set dressers whose responsibility it is to physically pick up the items needed. The decorator will include photos, notes, invoices, payment checks etc. to ensure accuracy. This envelope will follow the items from the prop house to the set and then back. They act as a chain of custody for the production and the prop house. The information generally included on a pick up envelope is the production name, contact information, description of what is being picked up, pick up and return dates, set # etc. A standard sizes for the pick up envelope is 9x12 or 10x13 in either white or manila.

We print everything on site and can generally complete work within 24 hours. If you have urgent needs, just let us know.
Film Marketing Packages
Independent film launches usually require a combination of poster printing, postcard printing, sometimes brochures, flyers, business cards and other collateral. We can help you put these pieces together in a way that helps make your whole launch coordinated with a uniform look to achieve maximum exposure.
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